• It’s panic time for Yankees’ J.A. Happ

    New York Post "The next time J.A. Happ takes the ball for the Yankees, they will have passed the season’s halfway point. Which means it’s not too early to register an opinion on the veteran left-hander. Which means, in turn, that it’s officially OK to be concerned about Happ and..." June 24

  • Yankees' J.A. Happ fires back after Dee Gordon ripped him over HBP

    SNY TV "J.A. Happ didn't take kindly to Dee Gordon's criticism. Gordon was irate Thursday after being hit in the wrist by a 90 mph Happ fastball in the third inning, saying he was "pissed off" after being forced to leave the game. He ripped Happ for..." May 11

  • Mariners' Dee Gordon voices displeasure with J.A. Happ after being hit by an errant pitch

    CBS Sports "Seattle Mariners second baseman Dee Gordon is in the midst of a bounceback season following a disappointing first year in the pacific northwest. He entered Thursday's game against the New York Yankees hitting .304/.327/.406 (103 OPS+) with 10 stolen bases on 11..." May 10

  • The Yankees should be ready to make a J.A. Happ decision

    Pinstripe Alley "Fresh off an 8-0 victory in their first game against the Red Sox, the Yankees went into Wednesday night hoping to complete the mini-sweep. It did happen, but it almost didn’t because something else Happened. J.A. Happ got off to a quick start,..." April 22