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  • NBA Superstars Who Will Be on Trade Watch by Trade Deadline

    Bleacher Report "Another star is always on the verge of being traded in the NBA. Even if he needs to come out of nowhere, the league always has a next man up. This summer alone is proof. The New Orleans Pelicans shipped Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Oklahoma City Thunder..." July 20

  • Report: Lakers feel they got played in Kawhi Leonard pursuit

    Pro Basketball Talk "The Raptors reportedly felt Kawhi Leonard‘s advisor and uncle, Dennis Robertson, made unreasonable requests of them before Leonard signed with the Clippers. The Lakers, the other team that waited for and missed out on Leonard, also apparently has misgivings about..." July 19

  • NBA Power Rankings Post-Free Agency

    Bleacher Report "OK, what just happened? That seismic shift you just felt on the NBA landscape? That was one of the wildest months in NBA history shaking up your favorite team; your parents' favorite team; your uncle's favorite team; heck, even the cat's favorite..." July 19

  • Police investigating death threats against Thunder staff after Paul George trade

    The Score "Police in Oklahoma City are conducting an investigation after a man left two voicemails threatening Thunder employees in response to the trade that sent Paul George to the Los Angeles Clippers, according to court documents obtained by Perris Jones of KOCO 5..." July 19

  • Best contracts of 2019 NBA free agency: Lakers, Warriors find bargains during busy offseason

    Sporting News "Roughly 40 percent of the NBA entered free agency this offseason. Yeah, that's a big number. With so much talent flooding the market, some free agents were inevitably going to be signed to cheaper deals than expected. Which GMs managed to snag valuable players on bargain..." July 19

  • Worst contracts of 2019 NBA free agency: Hornets, Kings weren't only teams to hand out bad deals

    Sporting News "Early in the 2016 NBA offseason, it became clear teams were passing out crazy contracts to average-at-best players. That's what happens when the league sees an unprecedented salary cap spike. Over the past three years, some general managers have gotten smarter with..." July 19

  • Clippers Offered Marcus Morris Three-Year, $41M Deal At Start Of Free Agency

    Real GM Basketball "The Los Angeles Clippers offered a three-year, $41 million deal to Marcus Morris in free agency. The Clippers were also set to pay Morris 50 percent of his salary on Oct. 1 as well. But Morris sought a two-year, $40 million deal but the Clippers couldn't offer that deal..." July 19

  • Kawhi Leonard bizarrely ripped by NBA executives

    New York Post "Kawhi Leonard has been the talk of the NBA the past few months, yet his dazzling playoff performance hasn’t impressed everyone. As Leonard comes off a historic NBA championship with the Raptors and winning his second NBA Finals MVP, NBA executives granted the freedom of..." July 19

  • NBA Rumors: 30 Free-Agent Targets for 30 Teams Next Offseason

    Bleacher Report "Following a summer that saw Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, Al Horford, Jimmy Butler, Anthony Davis, Mike Conley and more change teams, 2020's free-agency class looks a bit sparse by comparison. That's not meant as a slight to players..." July 18

  • Nike Fires Back at Kawhi Leonard, 'Distinct Differences' In Klaw Logo

    TMZ "Nike says the Kawhi Leonard logo they created to put on merchandise in 2014 is distinctly different from the logo Kawhi sketched himself back in 2011 ... and they claim the proof is in the pictures. Remember, Kawhi -- who was under contract with Nike from 2011 to 2018..." July 18

  • 10 NBA stars facing the most pressure in 2019-20

    Sportsnaut "Now that most of the pieces have been moved during what has been a frantic summer around the NBA, it’s time to look forward to the 2019-20 season. The Los Angeles Lakers added Anthony Davis to team up with LeBron James, creating a ton of pressure for both..." July 18

  • The NBA's Supermax Is Doing What It Was Supposed To

    Deadspin "The provisions of a collective bargaining agreement can be tricky things. After all, by definition they’re negotiated and agreed upon by parties with different and largely opposed interests, who will want different and often directly conflicting things out of them. The purpose or intent..." July 18

  • 5 NBA Players Poised for a Breakout Year in 2019-20

    12 Up "1. Lonzo Ball The NOLA Bayou is a far cry from the bright LA lights, which is perfect for Lonzo Ball. Ball came in with immense expectations, and like D’Angelo Russell, can thrive with a change of scenery as a former No. 2 overall pick. Zo hounds his opponents on defense while..." July 18

  • Who are next NBA stars (James Harden?!) to ride trade wave?

    Yardbarker "Jimmy Butler, Chris Paul and Paul George are “Patients Zero” for the trade epidemic that has rocked the NBA the past two years. Following disappointing ends to their respective 2016-17 seasons, each demanded a trade and was subsequently dealt to a new team that June. Butler went to..." July 17

  • Anonymous NBA GM: Kawhi Leonard ‘doesn’t rally his team’

    Sportress of Blogitude "According to an anonymous general manager of a Western Conference team, Kawhi Leonard lacks the qualities inherent of a true team leader, at least in his opinion. Ric Bucher of The Bleacher Report relays the unnamed general manager’s critical thoughts on..." July 17

  • NBA Rumors: Top 5 Best Destinations For JR Smith

    Fadeaway World "JR Smith has been finally waived after entirely missing the prior season as he tried to work out on a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers that could take him to a contending team, as his contract was really difficult to move. So, now that Smith is finally a free agent and we all know..." July 17

  • Every NBA Team's Biggest Hole After Free-Agency Madness

    Bleacher Report "Another hectic round of NBA free agency has come and gone, and with the dust now settling, teams are left to grapple with the roster holes that went unfilled. Nothing, of course, is set in stone so far from training camps. But barring any more blockbuster trades, depth..." July 17

  • 3 Winners and Losers From the Hectic NBA Offseason

    12 Up "It really does feel like the NBA offseason is more entertaining than the regular season sometimes. This summer has shaken up the league tremendously with a bunch of old faces in new places, and plenty of mouths left agape after finding out who’s going where. Let’s take a look at..." July 16

  • Before Paul George trade, Thunder were already preparing to trade Russell Westbrook next year

    Pro Basketball Talk "The Thunder are starting over in an unprecedented way. By sending Paul George to the Clippers and Russell Westbrook to the Rockets, Oklahoma City is becoming the first team ever to trade two reigning All-NBA players in the same offseason. The Thunder are the first team in decades to..." July 16

  • The Best Player From Every NBA Team

    Fadeaway World "Summer Leauge is already here which means most of the NBA rosters are already set, and while we’re going to see a lot of trades go on throughout the season, several top-tier players are likely to stay put for most of the season. You just can’t win in this league unless you..." July 16

  • Canada’s FIBA World Cup training camp features 17 NBA players

    Pro Basketball Talk "No Andrew Wiggins, no problem. The disconnect between Wiggins and Canada Basketball seemed like a big deal when Wiggins looked like a budding star from a country without much basketball pedigree. But Wiggins has stagnated. Canada, on the other hand, looks like a rising..." July 16

  • Predicting 5 Years from Now Which 2019 NBA Offseason Moves Look Best

    Bleacher Report "Nothing lasts forever. That's the lesson of the 2019 NBA offseason. Actually, based on the shake-ups, teardowns, undertakings and overhauls we saw this summer, it seems more accurate to say nothing lasts for more than a year or two. Example: Of the 25 players named to..." July 16

  • Jerry West says he's never been around a better organization than the Clippers

    Yahoo! Sports "When it comes to basketball, the legendary Jerry West knows what he’s talking about. He’s won executive awards with the Los Angeles Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies, and joined the executive board of the Golden State Warriors just before they went on their amazing, multi-year playoff..." July 16

  • The 11 best rookies at the NBA Summer League, ranked

    SB Nation "NBA summer league lost its main attraction when Zion Williamson exited with a knee injury just nine minutes into his debut for the New Orleans Pelicans. Williamson wasn’t the only top draft pick to miss time in Las Vegas: Ja Morant, Jarrett..." July 16

  • Jerry West isn’t sure Clippers could have traded for Paul George had Kawhi Leonard not recruited him

    Clutch Points "Los Angeles Clippers consultant Jerry West isn’t sure the franchise could have traded for Paul George had Kawhi Leonard not recruited him. Leonard convinced George to request a trade from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Clippers. West says it was an unbelievable night when they..." July 15

  • Marcus Morris Turned Down $41 Million From Clippers

    Black Sports Online "Marcus Morris recently fires his agent Rich Paul. It was said that the breakup was mutual. Before Morris eventually agreed to a one year $15 million deal with the Knicks, he turned down a 2 year $20 million deal from the Spurs. Now according to The New York Daily News’ Stephan..." July 15

  • Predicting the Next Wave of Breakout NBA Stars

    Bleacher Report "Who will be the breakout stars of the 2019-20 NBA season?  Before we answer that question, we need to address what the term means, as both "breakout" and "star" can be somewhat subjective.  For the purpose of this article, we'll..." July 15

  • If Kawhi Leonard Wins An NBA Title With The Clippers, He Will Enter The MJ And LeBron Conversation

    Fadeaway World "For what it’s worth, Kawhi Leonard has already proved himself to be one of the NBA’s best. But for a 28-year-old 3x All-Star and 2x Finals MVP, just how high can his legacy reach? The answer will never be unanimous, but if he wins a title with the Clippers he has the..." July 15

  • The next 3 NBA stars to change teams

    SB Nation "There has been unprecedented movement of NBA stars in recent years. It’s not over. It’s never over. The churn is eternal thanks to shorter NBA contracts, a player mindset that is less wed to the concept of staying with a single franchise over an entire career, and teams..." July 15

  • Thunder GM was reportedly crushed after trading Paul George

    Larry Brown Sports "Oklahoma City Thunder general manager Sam Presti has torn down the team’s roster about as effectively as you could hope for when entering a rebuilding phase, but that does not mean he is pleased with the way the offseason has gone. Despite acquiring 15 future first-round picks..." July 15

  • 2 Teams Reportedly “Strongly” Pushing For Andre Iguodala Trade

    The Spun "The Memphis Grizzlies acquired Andre Iguodala in a trade with the Golden State Warriors, but have little interest in actually keeping him on the roster next season. They’re working hard to find a trade partner, and two teams seem to be emerging as the top options. According to..." July 15

  • How Every Bad Free-Agency Signing Could Actually Work

    Bleacher Report "Did your favorite NBA team overspend on free agents this summer? Still scratching your head over that $60 million deal for the career backup? Has your team's front office lost it, or is there actually a plan here? For some big-money free agents, the initial numbers may..." July 15

  • NBA rumors: Andre Iguodala could wind up with 1 of these 5 teams, including Lakers, Clippers

    Newark Star-Ledger "In a roster overhaul, one of the Golden State Warriors’ casualties was playoff hero Andre Iguodala. Now, the former Sixers first-round pick is on the Grizzlies after a cap-clearing trade, though he shouldn’t remain in Memphis for long. The Grizzlies are in rebuilding mode..." July 15

  • Five Players Who Boosted Their Stock at NBA Summer League

    The Big Lead "The NBA Summer League is filled with illusions. There have been hundreds of players over the years fans got excited about who amounted to nothing after dominating in summer league. But there are still some summer league standouts who earned a roster spot and continue to play productive..." July 15

  • Top 10 NBA Players To Never Have A Triple-Double

    Fadeaway World "We can all agree that personal stats don’t always reflect on the true impact on your team, as you can have the best performance of your life and still lose by 20 points when playing in the NBA. However, some players have made a living out of piling up stats and logging..." July 15

  • Trades to Save Every NBA Free-Agency Loser

    Bleacher Report "The summer of 2019 has been the wildest offseason ride in NBA history. In less than a month, we were treated to the following transactions (and this is just a taste of everything that went down): There's more to a lot of those deals. For example, Butler went to..." July 15

  • Thunder GM Sam Presti praised around NBA for how he handled Paul George situation

    Clutch Points "When Paul George signed a four-year deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder last summer, he seemed to be making a commitment to the franchise that he was there to stay. George had an opportunity to return home to play for the Los Angeles Lakers, but instead elected to return to Oklahoma..." July 14

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo was hoping Kawhi Leonard would stay with the Raptors

    Clutch Points "Count NBA MVP and Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo as upset that Kawhi Leonard left the championship-winning Toronto Raptors. In an interview with ESPN, the 24-year-old Antetokounmpo expressed a desire to play Leonard and the Raptors again in a seven-game series. Giannis and the..." July 14

  • Russell Westbrook didn’t try to recruit Paul George back to Thunder

    Yahoo! Sports "When Paul George re-signed with the Thunder last year, Russell Westbrook threw a party. When George requested a trade from the Thunder to join Kawhi Leonard on the Clippers, Westbrook… Royce Young of ESPN: Russell Westbrook didn’t try to change Paul..." July 13

  • Lakers GM Rob Pelinka on missing out on Kawhi Leonard: 'You just don't look back'

    Sporting News "Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka was tasked with the challenge of rebuilding Los Angeles' roster around superstar LeBron James this offseason. With a blockbuster trade to acquire Anthony Davis from the Pelicans for Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart and Brandon Ingram, the Lakers' next..." July 13

  • The Nets and Clippers won free agency. Most important to their fans, the Knicks and Lakers didn’t.

    Washington Post "Before June 30, John Atkinson had long felt like the outcast. Among his New York friends, he’s the only Brooklyn Nets fan, one who proudly owns a black-and-white Jeremy Lin shirt-jersey and secretly wishes he was related to Coach Kenny Atkinson. He fell in love with Nets..." July 12

  • The 8 best players left in NBA free agency, ranked

    SB Nation "The opening eight hours of NBA free agency answered most of the questions we had about the future of the NBA, and the stunning Kawhi Leonard decision to join the Clippers with Paul Georgeanswered the rest. So who’s left on the board? Not too many people, now that..." July 12

  • The 10 Best Pairings In The NBA, Ranked

    Dime Magazine "For years, the NBA has been dictated by superteams. The squad that has found a way to get three or four All-NBA level players together has generally been the one that wins. We can debate for days whether or not that’s been a good or a bad thing, but for at least the start of the 2019-20..." July 12

  • Andre Iguodala Drawing Interest From Rockets, Clippers, Mavs?

    Hoops Rumors "After acquiring Russell Westbrook from Oklahoma City, the Rockets‘ top priority will be to find a way to land veteran forward Andre Iguodala, writes Sam Amick of The Athletic. According to Amick, Houston continues to push to acquire Iguodala from..." July 12

  • Danny Green 'Didn't See' Kawhi Leonard Signing with Lakers over Clippers

    Bleacher Report "The Los Angeles Lakers were considered one of three finalists to land Toronto Raptors free-agent forward Kawhi Leonard this offseason before the two-time NBA Finals MVP eventually joined the Los Angeles Clippers. That apparently didn't come as much of a..." July 11

  • NBA Rumors: 5 Blockbuster Trades That Could Happen This Summer

    Fadeaway World "The NBA is always changing. I am going to allow to enter an alternate universe for a minute. Let’s use knowledge and skills to match salaries and make some plausible which could jolt the NBA sphere. Sorry, Kyrie Irving the earth is not flat, but maybe this article will come full..." July 11

  • Report: Kawhi Leonard’s camp made ‘unreasonable’ requests during free-agent meeting

    Clutch Points "At one point, the general consensus was that Kawhi Leonard had every intention of signing a new deal with the Toronto Raptors to build on the legacy he had started with the organization. However, as the free-agency window opened, the Raptors no longer appeared to be in the driver’s seat,..." July 11

  • NBA Teams Blowing It in Free Agency

    Bleacher Report "The 2019 iteration of free agency has permanently transformed the NBA. Several teams will lament that fact for years to come. Some invested massive funds in the wrong places. Others missed opportunities to address glaring needs. One major-market club talked a huge game..." July 11

  • 10 Most Underrated Signings Of 2019 NBA Free Agency

    Fadeaway World "Summer league is already underway which means most free agents have already signed a new deal to take their talents elsewhere, and while most people were focused on Durant and Leonard, this free-agent class was stacked with talent. Obviously, superstars win games, but depth wins..." July 11

  • 2019 NBA Free Agents Most Likely to Finish 2020 on a Different Team

    Bleacher Report "Imagine trying to figure out which freshly signed NBA free agents may not finish the 2019-20 season with their current teams. Can't we let the ink dry for a second or two? Nope. Free agency isn't what it used to be. Contracts are shorter in general, and..." July 11