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  • 9 observations from NBA's opening week

    CBS Sports "The 2021-22 NBA season began last Tuesday, but most of the headlines around the league have very little to do with basketball. Whether it's protests at Barclays Center about Kyrie Irving's vaccine status, the ongoing saga with Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia..." October 25

  • 4 NBA Stars Still In Major Need Of Change Of Scenery

    NBA Analysis "Each year in the NBA, there are players who are moved because they need a change of scenery. This year will be no different. The offseason saw plenty of movement with big-name players. Kyle Lowry was moved in a sign-and-trade deal to the Miami Heat while DeMar DeRozan is now in..." October 25

  • 10 Realistic Predictions for 2022 NBA Trade Deadline

    Bleacher Report "The 2021-2022 NBA season is still in its infancy, but that doesn't mean we're not already getting some vibes about how the trade deadline is going to shake out. From players in uncomfortable situations to teams who are already starting to look like buyers (or sellers),..." October 25

  • Best & Worst Midseason Trade Destinations For Marvin Bagley III

    NBA Analysis "The Sacramento Kings are going to be open for business this NBA season when it comes to the trade market. Whether or not the team is in playoff contention or not, they will be making deals during the season. One of the players they will be looking to move on from at some point is..." October 25

  • Interesting trade rumor name: Atlanta Hawks’ Cam Reddish

    Pro Basketball Talk "At this point early in the season, there is not a lot of NBA trade buzz — not even for Ben Simmons — as teams are settling into the season and figuring out exactly what they really have and what they need. Trade talk traditionally starts to ramp up closer to..." October 24

  • Predicting 10 'Showcase' NBA Trade Candidates This Season

    Bleacher Report "While the NBA trade market rarely closes, it typically builds up over the course of the campaign before potentially erupting in a flurry of activity at the deadline. The extra time spawns movement for several different seasons. Players who inked free-agent pacts aren't..." October 24

  • Trail Blazers and Chauncey Billups create a ‘beautiful’ night in Portland

    The Athletic "It was almost perfect. So much so that Chauncey Billups called what the Trail Blazers did on Saturday “beautiful.” They shared the ball. For long stretches, it seemed they couldn’t miss. And on defense — oh my. I can’t remember the last time..." October 24

  • NBA's 24 Under 24 Rankings: Who Follows Luka Doncic, Jayson Tatum in Next-Gen Rankings?

    Bleacher Report "The NBA has arguably never been loaded with as much promising young talent as it is right now. Between the college game, the international game and the increased viability of other avenues like the G League to bring young players into the league, there's a wider pipeline than there's..." October 24

  • 5 NBA Panic Trades Fans Already Want to See

    Bleacher Report "For fans of certain NBA teams, is it too early to panic? A one or two-game sample size certainly isn't much to go off of, but it can reaffirm fears that fans may have already had involving players or weaknesses that the team did not address in the offseason. The war..." October 23

  • 1 Way-Too-Early Observation For Each NBA Team

    NBA Analysis "The 2021-22 NBA season tipped off on Tuesday night with the defending World Champion Milwaukee Bucks hosting the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers hosting the Golden State Warriors, two games that were sights to see for everyone who loves the NBA!  Basketball is back and..." October 23

  • Adrian Wojnarowski Says The Nets Have Taken Calls For Kyrie Irving

    SI "The Brooklyn Nets played their second game of the NBA regular season on Friday evening in Philadelphia against the 76ers.  They were once again without their seven-time All-Star Kyrie Irving who is not eligible to play in games in home games in New York City (vaccine mandate),..." October 23

  • Kia MVP Ladder: 21 names to monitor during 2021-22 season "Fiddling with a strap on his backpack, reigning Kia MVP Nikola Jokic stopped his interviewer short of asking about pressure entering a potential repeat campaign. “Brother, I could not care less, for real,” he said. October 22

  • Special Trade Eligibility Dates For 2021/22

    Hoops Rumors "In a pair of previous articles, we took a closer look at the trade restrictions placed on two groups of players who signed free agent contracts this past offseason. The smaller of the two groups featured players who can’t be traded by their current teams until January 15, having..." October 22

  • 3 Teams Who Could Show Interest In Pursuing Kevin Knox

    NBA Analysis "The New York Knicks had a massive season last year, making the playoffs for the first time since 2013 and claiming the 4-seed in the Eastern Conference. Losing in the first round to Trae Young and the Hawks definitely hurt, but the Knicks are back and they are going to be a tough team to face..." October 22

  • 2022 NBA free agent rankings: Top players available during the next offseason

    USA Today "Headlined by James Harden, Bradley Beal and Zach LaVine, the top of the 2022 NBA free-agent class is loaded with elite shooting guards, the types of players who can elevate a team’s offense just with their presence. There are top-notch players from other..." October 22

  • 6 biggest snubs from the NBA's 75th Anniversary Team

    The Score "The NBA finished its multi-day unveiling of the 75th Anniversary Team on Thursday - and even with a super-sized field of 76 players, the league still couldn't find room to recognize some of its all-time greats. Here are the six biggest snubs. October 22

  • Players Eligible For In-Season Veteran Extensions In 2021/22

    Hoops Rumors "As we explain in our glossary entry on veteran contract extensions, rookie scale extensions have historically been the most common form of contract extension in the NBA. However, the league’s latest Collective Bargaining Agreement loosened the rules on eligibility for veteran..." October 22

  • LeBron James And Damian Lillard Were In Awe Of Stephen Curry's 45-PT Explosion

    Fadeaway World "Stephen Curry keeps demonstrating he's a menace for the rest of the league. The Golden State Warriors superstar picked things right where he left them last season, starting the preseason and regular season like in February mode. The point guard started off the season recording his..." October 22

  • 3 Teams Who Could Pursue Thunder Big Man Derrick Favors

    NBA Analysis "The Oklahoma City Thunder are continuing their rebuilding process through the 2021-22 NBA season and as a result, they are going to be looking to get their young talents as much playing time and experience as possible. Last season, we saw them bench veteran Al Horford in favor of..." October 22

  • This Blazers-Sixers Trade Features CJ McCollum

    NBA Analysis "Sooner or later, this situation involving NBA All-Star Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers is going to have to come to an end. Things aren’t getting any better, as head coach Doc Rivers threw him out of practice for not wanting to participate in drills. Simmons was..." October 21

  • Top NBA Takeaways From Wednesday’s Busy Slate Of Action

    NBA Analysis "The NBA season kicked into full gear on Wednesday night with 11 games taking place. We saw some head coaching debuts and new faces in new places. It was only the second day of the season, but there are already contenders for what could be the best games we see and some of the best..." October 21

  • NBA Fans Debate Which NBA Ring Is The Best

    Fadeaway World "Winning an NBA ring is the most significant achievement for any basketball player. Not only this gives players status, but something nice to wear and remember for the rest of their lives.  These rings always have a terrific story behind them, with teams defying the odds to win..." October 21

  • Details On Starter Criteria For 2022 RFAs

    Hoops Rumors "The NBA’s rookie scale, which determines the salaries first-round picks earn during their first four seasons, also dictates how much the qualifying offers will be worth for those players when they reach restricted free agency after year four. However, the value of those..." October 21

  • Lowball Ben Simmons Trade Offers the 76ers Should Actually Consider

    Bleacher Report "The Ben Simmons trade saga has taken a few strange turns after his late arrival to the Philadelphia 76ers last week. It culminated with him getting thrown out of practice Tuesday and receiving a one-game suspension for "conduct detrimental to the team," per Shams Charania of..." October 21

  • 3 Teams Best Positioned For Zion Williamson Trade In Future

    NBA Analysis "The New Orleans Pelicans are beginning the 2021-22 season without their star power forward, Zion Williamson. This is the second time in three seasons that they will not have him at the start of a season because of an injury. This time, he is recovering from an operation that he had on..." October 21

  • NBA Teams With Open Roster Spots

    Hoops Rumors "With the NBA regular season underway, most teams are taking full advantage of their ability to carry up to 17 players, including 15 on standard contracts and a pair on two-way deals. As our roster counts page shows, 23 of the league’s 30 teams have full 17-man squads. Most of..." October 21

  • 10 NBA Teams That Almost Had Different Names: From Chicago Matadors To Boston Unicorns

    Fadeaway World "The process of choosing a team name can be tedious, with owners opting to hear several opinions before deciding on a name. Over the years, there have been downright ridiculous suggestions, but so far, so good, most team names in the NBA are pleasing to hear. Fans across the globe have gotten..." October 21

  • Bradley Beal says other players try to recruit him “almost every game”

    The Ringer "All eyes are on Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving now, but everyone from team executives to opposing players continues to monitor the Washington Wizards. “Almost every game we play, someone says something,” Bradley Beal tells me over the phone, regarding how often players recruit him to..." October 20

  • 3 Teams That Should Keep Tabs On Deandre Ayton Trade

    NBA Analysis "The Phoenix Suns shocked the basketball world on the eve of the 2021-22 regular season getting underway. The Suns had three players eligible for rookie extensions from the 2018 NBA Draft class; No. 1 overall pick Deandre Ayton, No. 10 overall pick Mikal Bridges, and No. 26 overall selection..." October 20

  • Trade Situations To Monitor Around NBA As New Season Begins

    NBA Analysis "The NBA’s 75th season is upon us and while all 30 teams in the league enter the new year with playoff/championship aspirations, some dreams just do not become reality. The Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets enter the year as two heavy favorites to reach the NBA Finals, but they may not..." October 20

  • 3 Realistic Trade Targets For Philadelphia 76ers To Consider For Ben Simmons

    NBA Analysis "This past offseason has been extremely chaotic for the Philadelphia 76ers and they are definitely happy that the 2021-22 NBA season is finally here, but with the new season comes continued drama within their organization. Ben Simmons trade talks went on all offseason long, as the 3x..." October 20

  • 1 player Bulls must keep an eye on for midseason trade

    Clutch Points "The Chicago Bulls made some splashy moves in the offseason by acquiring Lonzo Ball, DeMar DeRozan and Alex Caruso, among others. The Bulls’ new front office of Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley has overhauled this roster over the past year in an attempt to take a big step forward after..." October 20

  • The 1 Thing Holding Back Every Under-30 NBA Superstar

    Bleacher Report "Superstars run the NBA. It's been that way for years, and for all of the innovations and evolutions in the basketball world, that part of the formula may never change. So, what defines a superstar? As broad as that question is, we'll use a simple answer for this..." October 20

  • Damian Lillard says ‘I’m not leaving Portland’ and one reason why is Chauncey Billups

    The Athletic "Let’s just start out with this, right from the top, and right from the man’s mouth: Damian Lillard, on Friday, once again said he wants to stay in Portland. Doesn’t matter if the Blazers start this season losing more games than they win. Doesn’t matter if they..." October 20

  • 76ers Are Waiting On A “Prayer” To Land Damian Lillard In Blockbuster Trade

    Total Pro Sports "A trade centered around Ben Simmons and Damian Lillard swapping homes is an ideal scenario for the Philadelphia 76ers, but not so much for Portland. A league source says that isn’t realistic right now. That source added that the Sixers are “waiting on a prayer”..." October 19

  • 3 Potential Trade Destinations For Kings’ Marvin Bagley

    NBA Analysis "Marvin Bagley is forever going to be a player that is held under a microscope in the NBA. Bagley was the No. 2 overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, going one pick ahead of Luka Doncic. October 19

  • NBA's 75 greatest players of all time: The complete list so far

    ESPN "The NBA is celebrating it's 75th anniversary all season long during 2021-22, and part of that celebration includes the unveiling of the list of the 75 greatest players in NBA history. It has been 25 years since the league unveiled its list of the 50 greatest players in NBA history, which..." October 19

  • 6 Teams That Could Make Or Miss The NBA Playoffs Next Season

    Fadeaway World "Fortunes rise and fall quickly in the NBA. Sometimes an injury can push a playoff team into the lottery, while other times a great offseason pickup can help push a struggling organization into the postseason. Last year we saw five non-playoff teams from the 2019-2020 season jump into..." October 19

  • 4 Ben Simmons trade scenarios amid new drama with 76ers

    Sportsnaut "With the NBA season now upon us, Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons and his team continue to be mired in drama that is usually reserved for day-time television and reality shows.  Following an off-season in which Simmons requested a trade and remained away from the organization..." October 19

  • 3 Teams That Will Regret Not Getting Extensions Done

    NBA Analysis "The deadline for NBA teams to get extensions done with players from the 2018 draft class was yesterday, October 18, and while we saw a lot of teams agree to new long-term deals with some of their key talents, other teams in the league were not as successful in negotiations. Those that..." October 19

  • Handicapping Damian Lillard for MVP and other potential Blazers awards candidates

    Clutch Points "Candidacy for individual awards couldn’t be further from the Portland Trail Blazers’ minds as they prepare to host the Sacramento Kings. But just because Chauncey Billups, Damian Lillard and company are singularly focused on the task at hand doesn’t mean Blazers fans..." October 19

  • NBA Rookie of the Year race 2021-22: Clear top three entering the season

    Sportsnaut "Last season saw LaMelo Ball beat out Anthony Edwards for the NBA Rookie of the Year award. One year prior, Ja Morant earned the top individual honor. The moral of this story? Simply because a player is picked No. 1, it doesn’t guarantee him the award.  Now that the..." October 19

  • Ben Simmons trade market shrinking

    Sportsnaut "With the 2021-22 NBA regular season set to get going with a doubleheader on Tuesday, we’re no closer to a Ben Simmons end game with the Philadelphia 76ers than we were months ago. By now, you likely know that Simmons has requested a trade from the Sixers. While the three-time..." October 19

  • Explaining the NBA Rule Changes for 2021-22 Season

    Bleacher Report "It's time for a new NBA season, with the 2021-22 campaign tipping off with a pair of games on Tuesday. And it should be an exciting night of action to begin the new year. First, the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks will open the season by hosting the Brooklyn Nets, another team..." October 19

  • Adam Silver: NBA still mulling in-season tourney but needs players to buy in

    The Score "NBA commissioner Adam Silver says the league is still interested in implementing a soccer-style in-season tournament but faces at least one significant obstacle before overhauling the regular-season calendar: support from the players themselves. "We have a fair amount of work..." October 18

  • NBA Scouts Do Not Think Trail Blazers Will Make Playoffs

    NBA Analysis "The Portland Trail Blazers’ biggest change this NBA season came on the sidelines, but not to their roster. Head coach Terry Stotts was relieved of his position after nine years with the team. He made the postseason eight consecutive seasons, but his lack of success there is as big of a..." October 18

  • NBA Power Rankings: Where all 30 teams stand at the start of the season

    Sportsnaut "NBA power rankings: The Milwaukee Bucks will look to defending their NBA championship once the season gets going in mid-October. Others fancy themselves as contenders following a busy offseason. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Nets could be seen as one of the most-talented teams in Association..." October 18

  • 2018 Rookie Class Set NBA Record $1B in Contract Extensions

    Bleacher Report "The 2018 rookie class set an NBA record for contract extensions after Jaren Jackson Jr.'s four-year, $105 million deal with the Memphis Grizzlies took that draft class over a billion dollars in extension agreements, per ESPN's Bobby Marks. That number could rise ahead of..." October 18

  • The five most intriguing players in the NBA this season

    ESPN "It's time for our last fall tradition: our five most intriguing NBA players of the season. We try to stay away from rookies, sophomores, and superstars. The goal is to highlight X factors, and guys in the sweet spot of "will they or won't they?"..." October 18

  • Knicks top Forbes' 2021-22 list of most valuable NBA teams "Despite a pandemic that kept arenas mostly empty during the 2020-21 season, the average value of an NBA franchise has risen 13%, to $2.48 billion, since Forbes’ last set of valuations, published in February.  For the first time, there are three..." October 18