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  • MLB, owners focused on 48-game schedule for 2020

    The Score "MLB's discussions with owners about a shortened 2020 season are now focused on a 48-game schedule with full prorated pay for players, sources told Jeff Passan of ESPN. Previous reports indicated the league was seeking between 50-60 games at the prorated level. The MLBPA..." June 05

  • Inside MLB's financials fight - and the numbers to solve it

    ESPN "There are simple solutions for baseball's return. They're right there, waiting for owners and players to embrace before the parties unleash more damage on the sport. Already they have taken what could have been a triumphant return and dragged it through a swamp of pride and..." June 05

  • 'Resoundingly rejected': MLBPA spurns MLB's offer of shorter season, further salary cuts

    USA Today "As time to salvage a 2020 season grows shorter, Major League Baseball and the Players' Association only seem further entrenched in their respective positions, with few signs that the impasse is lessening. The latest salvo came Thursday night following a conference call of..." June 04

  • Former MLB GM Explains How Players Can Fight Back if Rob Manfred Implements 50-Game Season

    12 Up "Rob Manfred and the owners seem to want a paltry 50-game season to serve as the already-truncated 2020 MLB campaign, but there is still a way Tony Clark and the MLBPA could force the owners to defend their plan from a financial point of view, at the risk of exposing it as..." June 04

  • MLB Could Let Local Governments Decide On Fans In Stands

    MLB Trade Rumors "It doesn’t appear many (if any) fans will be permitted to attend Major League Baseball games this year during the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are at least a couple of teams that could have somewhat of a home-field edge. Two major league sources told Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning..." June 04

  • ‘Great confidence’ there will be MLB season even without agreement

    Larry Brown Sports "Major League Baseball has been unable to reach an agreement with the MLBPA on a format and pay structure for the upcoming season, but there seems to be a sense of confidence that there will be baseball this summer one way or the other. Jon Heyman of MLB Network reported on Thursday..." June 04

  • Will brazen cheapness finally turn the public against MLB team owners?

    Yahoo! Sports "Befitting Rob Manfred’s reputation as a shrewd labor negotiator, Major League Baseball devised a new strategy this week to defeat the players association in the entrenched economic fight that has stalled plans to schedule a coronavirus-shortened 2020 season. But it..." June 04

  • Who Ya Got: Is AL or NL the Superior MLB League in 2020?

    Bleacher Report "Assuming the 2020 MLB season happens, it will likely involve a truncated regular season and possibly feature remade divisions that mix the American League and National League to create more geographic alignment. Add the temporary and possibly..." June 04

  • Broadcasters Will Reportedly Have to Call MLB Road Games Remotely

    Bleacher Nation "Although it is a lesser question on the coming MLB season – if there is one – it’s been open whether broadcasters would be permitted into the otherwise empty stadiums as part of the production, or whether they’d have to do things remotely. It seems..." June 04

  • Predicting MLB Trade Rumors That Will Surface During 2020 Season

    Bleacher Report "Nobody yet knows when it will begin and how long it will be, but for now, it's still a realistic possibility that Major League Baseball will return in 2020. If and when it does, trade rumors will be among the many things making a swift comeback. We thought we'd get..." June 04

  • MLB is risking relegating itself to stepchild status compared to NFL, NBA

    Yahoo! Sports "The National Basketball Association may be on its way to a return. Major League Soccer has reached an agreement to restart its season. An NFL season seems like a distinct possibility, as teams prepare for pivoted training camps in the coronavirus era. And baseball?..." June 04

  • Bobby Bonds, balks and umps packing heat: Here's what 'this day in MLB history' leaves out

    ESPN "At 6:15 p.m., 39 years ago today, Bobby Bonds arrived at the ballpark for a night game in Pittsburgh. It had been a long journey. Bonds, a three-time All-Star, had been released the previous winter by the St. Louis Cardinals, having hit .203 with just five home runs. He..." June 04

  • MLB owners' top priority? money before baseball

    Yahoo! Sports "Befitting Rob Manfred’s reputation as a shrewd labor negotiator, Major League Baseball devised a new strategy this week to defeat the players association in the entrenched economic fight that has stalled plans to schedule a coronavirus-shortened 2020 season. But it..." June 03

  • Doubt growing over MLB owners, players reaching deal to play 2020 season

    Larry Brown Sports "This week is regarded as pivotal in efforts to get an agreement in place to play an MLB season in 2020, and optimism among some parties seems to be waning quickly. After Major League Baseball turned down the MLBPA’s counterproposal for a 114-game season, the two sides were left..." June 03

  • MLB Rejects MLBPA's 114-Game Proposal, Won't Send Counteroffer

    Bleacher Report "Major League Baseball rejected a 114-game proposal for the 2020 season brought forth by the players association, according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic. The league will not make a counteroffer, instead moving forward with discussions for a shorter season. The..." June 03

  • MLB: ‘Our game has zero tolerance for racism and racial injustice’ "Major League Baseball issued the following statement today: We offer our condolences to the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and all the families that have lost loved ones due to senseless killing and injustice. " June 03

  • Andrew McCutchen wants police held accountable, end to 'qualified immunity'

    The Score "Andrew McCutchen joined the chorus of athletes condemning police brutality amid protests across North America in the fight against racism. "We cannot wait to change hearts and minds - too many people will die while we try," McCutchen wrote in a joint statement..." June 02

  • Three takeaways from latest tensions in MLB-union talks

    New York Post "On the bright side, no one calls baseball “boring” at the moment. These heated negotiations to restart the 2020 season continue to entertain, even as they present absolutely terrible optics to a country coping simultaneously with a social crisis and a pandemic. Here are..." June 02

  • MLB season will begin with or without new agreement?

    SNY TV "Owners from all 30 Major League Baseball teams convened on a conference call Monday, according to sources, and reiterated the desire to begin the season.  If any owner has gotten to the point where he does not see the value in playing a truncated schedule, he did not express that..." June 02

  • MLB, union talks remain tense as significant gulf remains to salvage 2020 season

    USA Today "As the days peel off the calendar toward an unofficial but implied deadline to salvage a 2020 season, the gulf between Major League Baseball and the Players' Association appears as many as 74 games wide. Tuesday morning, some two days after its offer of a 114-game season, the..." June 02

  • Bryce Harper shares message condemning racial injustice

    Sportress of Blogitude "  Philadelphia Phillies superstar Bryce Harper joined the countless athletes who have weighed in on the subject of racial injustice with a powerful statement shared on social media. In the wake of the ongoing fallout from George Floyd’s death while in Minneapolis..." June 02

  • This Day in Transaction History: Phillies acquire John Kruk from Padres

    Hardball Talk "John Kruk is one of the more underrated hitters in baseball history. Kruk, who is currently a broadcaster for the Phillies, had a 10-year career during which he hit exactly 100 homers, batted exactly .300, and posted an excellent .397 on-base percentage. In baseball history, there are only 32..." June 02

  • Why a shorter season and salary deferrals could help save the 2020 MLB season

    ESPN "Is all of the recent acrimony between MLB players and owners real or the byproduct of the early stages of the 2020 season's negotiations playing out in the public spotlight? When recently asked that question, one baseball official's reply was, "Yes." Yes, as..." June 02

  • Dennis Eckersley expects MLB, union to 'split the difference' on 2020 season

    NESN "Major League Baseball and the MLBPA are continuing negotiations for a potential 2020 season. Players reportedly were upset with the league’s recent sliding scale economic plan, and the MLBPA has responded with a plan for the season of their own. The MLBPA’s proposal..." June 02

  • MLB hostility worsens as Rob Manfred’s top aide, Tony Clark trade barbs

    New York Post "MLB and the players association have now swapped financial proposals with each expressing distaste for the opposing plan. And while that keeps the sides far away from an agreement to restart the game, they do continue to heighten a war of words. The players association, represented by..." June 02

  • Scott Boras to pay minor-league clients' full expected salaries

    Hardball Talk "Across the league, scores of minor leaguers have been released in recent days. Already overworked and underpaid, these players are now left without any kind of reliable income during a pandemic, and during a time of civil unrest. " June 02

  • Players agree to MLB's radical realignment proposal

    The Score "Major League Baseball's owners and players are locked in combative negotiations, but it appears they're on the same page regarding temporary realignment. As part of its counteroffer to the league, the players' union agreed to MLB's proposal to abandon the traditional..." June 01

  • MLB could offer to remove tax, qualifying offer in negotiations

    The Score "Major League Baseball is preparing to offer some additional financial incentives in order to reach an agreement on a 2020 season. The league will consider removing the luxury tax and qualifying offer in order to help spur this winter's free-agent market coming off a shortened..." June 01

  • Who's hurt the most in an abbreviated season?

    USA Today "There’s just one guarantee as Major League Baseball aims to wedge an 80-plus game schedule and expanded playoffs into a pandemic-driven four-month window: Roughly half the season is gone forever. Some franchises have pointed to 2020 for several years as the moment their plans..." June 01

  • Most MLB players would refuse to play less than half a season

    Larry Brown Sports "It does not sound like Major League Baseball’s short season proposal is going to be enough to satisfy players. According to Brendan Kuty of, most MLB players — including several stars — would not be interested in playing less than half a season, which would..." June 01

  • MLB to Propose Shorter Season With Full Prorated Salaries

    SI "Major League Baseball will propose a shorter season in 2020, with players receiving their full prorated salaries, according to ESPN's Jeff Passan. MLB's plan will include a regular season consisting of roughly 50 games, per Passan. The 2020 season would return at..." June 01

  • MLB owners will make final call on whether baseball is played in 2020

    Sportsnet "It has been embarrassing watching how the debate surrounding Major League Baseball’s return to play seems to have settled on how it’s all up to the players, either as a subtle under-current from much of the chattering classes or from former players such as Mark Teixeira, a union..." June 01

  • MLB’s potential disaster isn’t about players’ greed

    New York Post "I think the players have a responsibility to help find a financial solution that allows major league baseball to be played this year. For the long-term damage to reputation and revenue without games will make the 2020 salary dispute feel like fighting for a drop of water and ending up with an..." June 01

  • It's not just the 2020 season at stake, but the future of MLB

    ESPN "Many of the folks inside baseball but outside of the Zoom labor negotiations assume that, eventually, cooler heads will prevail in the talks between the owners and the players' union. Because they have to -- right? Because the alternative -- no attempted restart of baseball in..." June 01

  • MLBPA Makes 2020 Season Counter-Proposal To League

    SI "The MLB Players Association submitted its proposal to the league on Sunday, according to Jeff Passan.  In its plan, the union proposes a 114-game season that would commence June 30 and end on Oct. 31. Per Passan, players want three weeks to train, allow time for travel --..." June 01

  • MLB, MLBPA Deal Not Expected By June 1

    MLB Trade Rumors "There has been “no evidence of progress” in the discussions between MLB and the MLBPA as the two sides negotiate the economic provisions of a potential 2020 season, reports Jon Heyman of MLB Network. As such, there’s no reason to believe the parties will reach an..." May 31

  • MLB still optimistic about getting deal done with players?

    Larry Brown Sports "There can be no Major League Baseball season in 2020 without an agreement between team owners and the MLB Players Association, and the two sides do not appear to be close to a deal. However, it sounds like neither has come close to giving up on playing this year. Jon Heyman of MLB..." May 31

  • Group of MLB owners ‘perfectly willing’ to cancel 2020 season

    Clutch Points "The NBA is making strides toward a potential return. In Europe, professional soccer leagues have already restarted, with more to come. But the 2020 MLB season remains in serious jeopardy. Buster Olney of ESPN reports some MLB owners are “perfectly willing” to..." May 31

  • The Worst Pitching Outings by MLB Position Players

    Bleacher Report "One of the most impressive things about professional athletes is how easy they make their jobs look. That's certainly true for MLB pitchers. Despite periodic hiccups, they hurl baseballs past big league hitters with speed and precision. The degree of difficulty becomes especially..." May 31

  • Which Glove-First Shortstop Would You Rather Have?

    MLB Trade Rumors "In a piece from MASN last week, Roch Kubatko said this of the Orioles’ search for a veteran shortstop: “The Orioles chose [Jose] Iglesias over Adeiny Hechavarría in their winter search for a glove-first shortstop.” Kubatko linked the Orioles the Hechevarria..." May 30

  • Los Angeles Pro Sports Teams Give City Blueprint For How Games Can Return

    Sportsnaut "It’s not yet known when professional sports will return to Southern California. The NBA and NHL are in the midst of plans that would resume their seasons in bubble cities. At least with the NHL, Los Angeles is being considered as one of the host..." May 30

  • MLBPA preparing 'outlandish' proposal

    The Score "The Major League Baseball Players' Association is planning to bring forward a counterproposal to MLB for the 2020 season that will include several unique wrinkles, sources told ESPN's Jeff Passan. However, it's described as "outlandish" by Passan, who adds..." May 30

  • ESPN's John Barr on the Making of film 'Imperfect: The Roy Halladay Story'

    The Big Lead "On July 21, 2019, Roy "Doc" Halladay was posthumously inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Brandy Halladay, Roy's widow, gave the induction speech in honor of her husband. The central theme to her speech was simple, but powerful: Roy Halladay was not a perfect man, but he..." May 29

  • MLB faces chemistry test in hands-free 2020 season: 'Hardship brings people together'

    USA Today "If they can pull it off, Major League Baseball’s 2020 season will be an audacious experiment in the oddest of labs – and we’re not just talking about massive stadiums where the only fans may be of the virtual or cardboard variety. Other tests will come in clubhouses..." May 29

  • Alex Rodriguez: Roy Halladay Would Be in My MLB All-Time Team Starting Rotation

    Bleacher Report "Three-time American League MVP and 14-time All-Star Alex Rodriguez said late MLB pitcher Roy Halladay would be in his all-time starting rotation. Rodriguez was speaking in ESPN E:60 documentary Imperfect: The Roy Halladay Story. Per Baseball..." May 29

  • Complete Lack of MLBPA Counter-Proposal This Week Does Not Bode Well for July 4 Return

    12 Up "The latest news surrounding the 2020 MLB season has all been bad: the players were not happy at all with the most recent proposal sent over by owners (rightfully so), and planned to rage and regroup this week. The players were expected to make a counter-proposal..." May 29

  • If Baseball Isn't Back in 2020, the Blame Starts With the Owners

    Complex "The people that fuck with baseball around these parts—and by these parts I mean the Complex universe—aren’t exactly plentiful. And frankly, you don’t need a PhD to get why basketball and football are way more popular these days than the national pastime. But for those of..." May 29

  • Latest On Teams’ Plans For Minor League Pay

    MLB Trade Rumors "3:14pm: The Astros will also pay their minor leaguers through August, Chandler Rome of the Houston Chronicle tweets. The Red Sox will do the same, Julian McWilliams and Alex Speier of the Boston Globe write. The Reds will pay theirs through Sept. 7, the end of the..." May 29

  • Reasoning behind Scott Boras’ rallying cry to MLB players

    New York Post "With Major League Baseball veering toward a Titanic-like disaster, Scott Boras, trying to rally the playing universe, invoked a Leonardo DiCaprio line from the epic film about the ill-fated cruise liner: “This is horse[bleep]. Don’t you believe it...." May 29

  • Why the current MLB, MLBPA negotiations could be a prelude to labor strife when the CBA expires in 2021

    CBS Sports "Major League Baseball and the players' union, the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), are presently negotiating the parameters of what a 2020 season will look like, should such a thing be realized.  A number of essential issues must be agreed upon before..." May 29