2B Ben Zobrist reported to Rays camp Tuesday with the same positive outlook on this season as those who reported earlier in the week. “I feel stronger about this club than probably any other club that I’ve seen in Tampa Bay,” Zobrist said. “I feel that this club has the goods to be able to go all the way, and not just the goods, but the attitude. “This year I feel like the attitude is already starting right now that we want to create something from the start of the year on that I feel like is going to be something that’s going to be strong going deep into the playoffs.” RHP Alex Cobb said the fact most of the core players remain unchanged from last season made him feel as if this season is basically last season with a long break (the offseason) in the middle. “That’s what I feel like,” Zobrist said. “I feel like I took a week, went on vacation with the family and now I’m back home, back to work. I think we’ll be able to pick up quickly where we left off at the end of last year.” 1B James Loney reported Monday and talked about unfinished business. Zobrist agreed. “For me, it just makes me want to win with this group that much more since there are so many guys I’ve played with for so long,” Zobrist said.