The truth about the Giants is that they have no home. They're the most comfortable travelers baseball has seen in years. They check out of hotels with great reluctance, pining for just one more day with those tiny bars of soap. The fact that they will be home, for a Game 6 of the National League Championship Series on Sunday, gives this postseason a special place in franchise history. They've already done enough to defy convention, the odds and rampant skepticism. It's only right that this series plays to a conclusion in front of the fans who have packed AT&T Park all season. If you don't quite recognize the team that hung a stunning 5-0 defeat on the St. Louis Cardinals on Friday night, it's because the Giants have established a postseason pattern too indelible to deny. On top of Barry Zito's epic Game 5 performance and the three-game sweep in Cincinnati, they clinched all of their 2010 playoff series - against Atlanta, Philadelphia and Texas - on the road. "Believe me, we like playing at home, too," said a smiling Brandon Crawford, whose two-run single drove a stake through Cardinal hopes in the fourth inning. "I wish I had an answer, so we'd do the same thing at home. The thing is, though, we get a playoff atmosphere at every home game all season. Coming here, having a riled-up crowd, we thrive off that."