Supposedly, the geniuses who run the Suns, last playoff appearance circa 2010, would prefer to draft Ja Morant over Zion Williamson.

With all due respect to Morant and his future in the NBA, that report via Sam Vecenie of The Athletic dropping today, April 20, is appropriate because the Suns must be high if they truly believe Morant is the right person to pick if both are available.

Not since LeBron James have we seen a teenager transcend the game like Zion Williamson. He wasn’t only dominant on the court. He was a cultural phenomenon, attracting the likes of President Obamaand Jay-Z to watch him play. What they witnessed (well, not Obama, because he was there during Zion’s shoe explosion against UNC) was breathtaking: a 6’8″, 285-pound marvel exploding into the atmosphere with the kind of power one would expect in an Avengers movie. He was a man among boys, overshadowing two of the top recruits in the nation, and dominating the best teams in college basketball playing in the ACC.