Would the Knicks draft for need if they don’t win next week’s lottery and instead wind up with the second or third pick?

The Knicks view power forward as their greatest need following the Kristaps Porzingis trade. It just so happens that is the NBA position of Duke’s Zion Williamson, the consensus No. 1 pick. It also happens to be Kevin Durant’s position, too.

However, if the Knicks are choosing second or third with Murray State point guard Ja Morant and shooting guard RJ Barrett on the board, Knicks GM Scott Perry faces an interesting conundrum. Morant and Barrett are the consensus second and third picks — one way or the other.

With the Knicks coming off a 17-65 season, both of their backcourt positions are considered needs. The Knicks have young talent at each backcourt slot. It is believed they don’t consider either slot a greater need than the other.

In an interview on the new television show “MSG 150,” parts of which will air Monday and Tuesday nights, Perry indicated the Knicks likely will draft for talent first.

In excerpts obtained by The Post, Perry said: “Where we are at right now, talent is important. If it’s very close, then you may lean towards the position of need, but if there is a clear delineation between the talent, I think you always err on the side of talent.”

Knicks president Steve Mills and Perry are initial guests on “MSG 150,” a live, sports-talk show hosted by Bill Pidto and Alan Hahn. The Knicks, facing their historically critical offseason, are the focus of the first episode.