Great win, fun game to watch. Chris Paul's 3rd quarter was an amazing work of art, and the 1-2 finish of the pass off the backboard to DeAndre Jordan in flight, followed by the near-midcourt lob to DJ out of the double team was spectacular. More on CP3 in a second. I didn't have the chance to settle into any of the threads the last few days, but there were a couple of points I had wanted to make, and things played out more or less as I had hoped. So I can get into them now, though at this point they seem slightly obvious, but that's the way it goes. The first is about playing at home. Pretty simple. Denver and GSW1 were road games, extremely important to those teams in their gym. The road wins/home losses thing is no joke, especially when you're up against playoff contending teams. Just about everybody said and knew that the Denver game would be a top candidate to end the streak, and GSW would be even tougher. The Clips couldn't shoot and make plays in either game, but it's not a surprise and not the end of the world; they're still a very good team. And the wins against the Lakers and GSW2 prove the same theory. The home court advantage isn't quite the same against the Lakers, but the Clippers were certainly glad to be back in Staples, and they played like it, finding their energy and resolve.