On the day Zack Greinke was introduced at Dodger Stadium, the one word that could sum up the mood was impressive. The Dodgers were impressed with Greinke, and the pitcher likewise with the organization. But the overwhelming feeling Tuesday was that the Dodgers viewed Greinke as someone they could not be without. "We looked at our staff and saw a real good staff, but we thought we needed someone who could sit alongside Clayton Kershaw," said general manager Ned Colletti. "Those types of pitchers are very rare. As we looked at the list, one name continued to come back to us: Zack Greinke." "We looked at this year and the next couple of years, at who was likely to be free. We didn't think we'd be able to find a pitcher like this. So we stretched," said Dodgers CEO Stan Kasten. "I've never signed six-year contract for a pitcher." That six year contract totals $147 million, making Greinke the highest-paid right-handed pitcher in baseball history.