Zach Wilson’s stock continues to skyrocket as we draw closer and closer to the NFL Draft. He will certainly not be the No. 1 quarterback off the board, but he is drawing comparisons to a past No. 1 pick.

ESPN’s Desmond Howard believes he brings a lot of those same attributes to the table as Baker Mayfield did when he was back at Oklahoma.

“He reminds me of Baker Mayfield. Just a little taller, a little more slender, more athletic, but the mentality,” Howard said on ESPN’s Get Up! this morning, per 247Sports. “Both guys have tremendous confidence in their arms, they’re going to throw some balls you think they shouldn’t throw. They’re excellent off-platform throwers, too, and they can get outside the pocket and run, but they’d rather still throw the ball, even when they break contain, which makes them both very dangerous.

I just think he’s a little taller, but has the same mentality of a Baker Mayfield. He’s really a gunslinger, just like Mayfield.”