Just like that, the idea of Zach LaVine making a mid-December return to the Bulls vanished. There was more clarity provided Tuesday surrounding LaVine’s return after surgery in February to repair his left anterior cruciate ligament. Coach Fred Hoiberg said LaVine is still on an every-other-day practice schedule, and that program will likely stay in place for another 10 days to two weeks. LaVine will then have another obstacle to hurdle, showing he can take the grind of an everyday practice schedule. Asked if late December or early January looks more realistic for the athletic guard, Hoiberg said: “Yeah, I think that’s accurate. “The big thing is he needs to string together a good 10 days of practice to where he’s not going every other day. To where he’s going every day, going out there and going hard to really test his body to see where he is. “I would say the next 10 days is not going to happen.’’ LaVine, who was wearing a brace for Tuesday’s practice, said the toughest part for him is staying patient. Watching his teammates drop a ninth straight game Monday night to the Cavaliers was definitely testing that patience.