Redskins linebacker Zach Brown has been playing with an Achilles injury for several weeks. He dealt with an ankle injury last month and, to complete a trifecta of pain, a hamstring injury has popped up beside his name on the team’s latest injury report. Brown sat out practice on Wednesday. However, he has no intention of missing this Sunday’s game against the Chargers or, for that matter, any of the three games that follow. “Everybody’s got injuries, you just have to pick up and keep playing,” said Brown on Wednesday. So far, Brown has kept playing. He has missed a number of practices and he was listed as questionable on the final injury reports prior to each of the last four games. But he has played 778 of the 790 defensive snaps played so far. As to the possibility of sustaining a more severe injury by playing through an injury, Brown says he isn’t going to worry about what he can’t control. “You can not play, that’s always a possibility,” said Brown. “But, you know, guys, we always want to compete so, you know, we always want to be out there no matter what. And what’s the difference between play now and you rest and it happens in game one next year?” The sore Achilles has been the most worrisome injury. Brown said that he gets daily treatment that includes therapy with a laser and with acupuncture.