Major League Baseball’s lawyers can question Yuri Sucart — the cousin Alex Rodriguez said helped him procure steroids — about the anti-aging clinic at the heart of baseball’s latest doping scandal, a Florida circuit court judge ruled on Wednesday. MLB attorneys want to depose Sucart because his name appeared in records prepared by Anthony Bosch, the founder of now-defunct Biogenesis, the South Florida clinic that allegedly supplied performance-enhancing drugs to Rodriguez, Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun and around 20 other big-league players. Sucart’s attorney, Jeffrey Sonn, said he will appeal the decision by Judge Ronald Dresnick because he believes the lawsuit MLB filed against Bosch and other defendants does not belong in Miami-Dade County circuit court. The suit, filed in March, claims Bosch and the other defendants interfered with baseball’s basic agreement with the Players Association by providing banned drugs to ballplayers. Sonn told the Daily News that federal labor law requires issues involving the drug program MLB operates in conjunction with the Players Association to be handled by the grievance procedure outlined in the basic agreement. He said Dresnick told him that Sucart does not have standing to make that argument because he is not a party to the suit. He said he does not know why lawyers representing defendants in the case have not raised the issue. “If I win the appeal, in my view it would be the death of the case,” said Sonn, who is representing Sucart with Don Jones, another lawyer at his firm, Sonn & Erez. Attorney Martin Beguiristain, who represents a defendant in the suit, Bosch’s former business partner Carlos Acevedo, said he is aware of the legal theory raised by Sonn on Wednesday. “Lets see what happens in the next week or two,” he said when asked why he has not raised it with the court.