You fools. You, poor, dumb, ill-advised, stupid fools. You've really done it now. Look. Look at what you have done! You have accused the New England Patriots of dirty pool as the playoffs approach. Don't you know how what happens next? They're going to come together and rally around each other in the locker room and they are going to win it all.

You've left them with no alternative. And you have no one to blame but yourselves. Your dumb selves. Why couldn't you leave well enough alone? They were perfectly complacent, leading their division and headed for a first round bye again, but now they have motivation. It is them against the world. And they didn't even do anything wrong. They never actually do.

See, yesterday news broke that the Patriots had (allegedly) been caught illegally recording an opponent (again). Would they ever knowingly do that? Of course not.