Considering that Ty Corbin's son, Tyrell, is 18 years old, the Jazz coach admitted that it has been a bit interesting for him to play a couple of youngsters who are only a bit older than the West High School standout. Be forewarned that this might make you feel older, but Derrick Favors — the NBA's youngest player — is still a teenager, and Gordon Hayward isn't yet legal. Combined, they're two years younger than John Stockton was when he retired at age 41. "They're talented guys. They grew up really fast and they've been around the game forever," Corbin said. "They've played a lot of basketball, and to their credit they're ready for it." Corbin didn't hesitate to keep them in the game together Monday night against the Boston Celtics. He didn't shy away from giving the two players with bright futures compliments at Tuesday's practice, either.