OK, the Texas Rangers ran out of gas. But how do they fix that? How do they get back to the World Series? By overhauling the engine, or do they simply recharge the battery? When the men who run the Rangers sit down this week, no doubt the disappointment over their 2012 collapse will still be fresh in their minds. But I'll bet general manager Jon Daniels and his gang both relish the action and embrace the challenge. Don't be surprised, therefore, to see new faces in the lineup -- and on the bench -- when the Rangers take the field for Opening Day, 2013. I have no scoops. Daniels remains mum and unscoopable. The ruins from this season are still smoldering. First things first -- the elephant in the room is not impending free agent Josh Hamilton. Daniels has been fielding -- and fouling off -- questions about Hamilton's contract since February. Webster's defines "elephant in the room" as "an obvious major problem or issue that people avoid discussing or acknowledging."