One pressing concern for this year's A's team is finding a way to replace Jonny Gomes' off-the-charts leadership quotient. They might have found their man: Chris Young is quieter than Gomes - who isn't? - but he is universally beloved by former teammates, who say Young has a real knack for uniting players - with Monopoly, among other things. "From the moment I got to Arizona, Chris, specifically, make me feel comfortable and made things easier for me," said Diamondbacks outfielder Jason Kubel, who signed with Arizona before last season. "He's got such a good attitude and he communicates so well. He likes to get everyone involved. He likes to mess around. We definitely miss him around here; he keeps things real loose." "He's a great guy; I've known him for a long time, playing against him and playing together, and he's a good guy to have around, a high-energy guy and a good teammate," Arizona catcher Miguel Montero said.