Brandon Crawford turned to Bryce Harper in the dugout and asked, "What are you going to do?" "If the first two guys get on," Harper said, "I'm going to drop a bomb and walk off this field and tell 'em we own this place." Nine months later, Harper smiled when asked about that moment late in a game in the Arizona Fall League. "I was just kidding," he said, "but I was serious at the same time." Oh you know how these young ballplayers are with their fish tales. "Yeah, right," Crawford said at the time. Harper didn't back down. "I promise you I'm going to hit a jack right here," he said. "I swear on earth." Mike Trout laughed, too. "Yeah, OK," he told Harper. And this is where the story gets really good. Mike Trout led off the inning with a single. After a fielder's choice grounder, Will Middlebrooks singled. Put up or shut up, buddy boy. "I'm in the on-deck circle laughing," Harper said. And ... "The pitcher hung a 3-2 changeup," Harper said, "and I hit it out to right-center. Everybody ran in the clubhouse." Harper laughed and shook his head Monday afternoon as he recounted a moment that spoke volumes on a number of different levels.