Thaddeus Young's odd nose butt of James Jones early in the second quarter of Game 4 appeared to instill a degree of aggressiveness in the 76ers that they lacked in the previous 13 quarters of their series against the Heat. Here's how it unfolded: Jones received a pass and head-faked a jump shot, so Young flew past him. A whistle blew, however, because Jones' foot was on the sideline. With the play stopped, Jones attempted to shoot anyway - a routine thing in such an instance - but rookie Evan Turner hacked Jones, hard, which aborted the shot attempt. Jones was justifiably miffed and shoved Turner. Young sped back to Jones and grazed him on the cheek with his schnoz. The Heat soon went on a 22-2 run that erased a 16-point Sixers lead, but maybe the Sixers' starch after that - they hung in and won in the last minute - stemmed from Young's fiery, funny display. "It definitely gave us a lift. If that's what it takes, we're definitely going to do that," Young said. So, did his snout touch Jones? "It might have," said Young, wary of a fine from the league. "I'm not going to comment."