Having endured last season’s slide that knocked the Rockets out of playoff contention, Chandler Parsons was understandably elated at clinching a postseason spot. “I was thinking about last year pretty much all down the stretch,” he said. “The six-game losing streak last year, I definitely didn’t want that to happen. We reminded the guys every game pretty much how that happened and this huge meltdown. It was such a relief knowing that we’re in. Last year is over, and this is a whole new team this year and I really think we’re a much better team this year.” He mixed a crack about the relatively advanced age of forward Carlos Delfino, who is 30, with an observation on the Rockets’ youth. “I didn’t see Grandpa Delfino down there,” he said, glancing at the other end of the practice gym, “but otherwise there’s 20, 23-year old kids out there. These guys are all my age and all my teammates, and we’re building something here and we’re making noise. … It’s really encouraging for us that we’re doing big things in such a limited time and at such a young age.”