A successful quarterback-wide receiver duo can go down in football lore, such as Montana-Rice or Manning-Harrison. There isn't that type of connection in baseball, but double-play partners is as close as it gets. Michael Young and Ian Kinsler were the Texas Rangers middle infielders from 2006-08, and turned countless double plays together. "Obviously you spend a lot of time with double-play partners," Young said. "I spent a lot of time with Alex [Rodriguez], a lot of time with Alfonso Soriano and a lot of time with Kins. You have no choice but to be tight with the person you're communicating with every pitch of every game." The double-play partnership isn't there anymore, but the teammate tandem is. Young and Kinsler started their 846th game together Friday at the Rogers Centre, the third-longest total for teammates in Rangers history. They will likely become the second longest by the end of the season, as they trail Young and Hank Blalock by 32 games (878). Juan Gonzalez and Ivan Rodriguez played together the most in franchise history, 1,060 games, from 1991-99 and 2002. "I'm happy to be his teammate and we're good friends," Young said. "Hopefully we got a lot more in the future."