Rosey Grier one of the members of the great "Fearsome Foursome" came to St. Louis recently and decided to stop by for a visit with the St. Louis Rams. Many of the players knew who Grier was even if they were far too young to remember seeing him play but now some of them will never forget the unexpected treat they got from the 81-year-old Grier. "He showed us some of his moves" Rams defensive tackle Kendall Langford said. "He was doing spin moves with a cane." The Fearsome Foursome first made up of Grier fellow tackle Merlin Olsen and ends Deacon Jones and Lamar Lundy is considered one of the best -- if not the best -- defensive lines in NFL history. That makes playing the position for the Rams franchise -- even one now based in St. Louis -- special for those who do. It also means living up to big expectations. "We know how good they were" Rams defensive tackle Michael Brockers said. "We're just trying to do our own thing. We're trying to bring it back. But we call ourselves the "Elite Eight." That name comes because the Rams who tied Denver for the league lead in sacks in 2012 with 52 have an eight-man front that might be as good as any in the league. It is deep and talented thus the nickname. "Oh they have a nickname already?" Rams coach Jeff Fisher said surprisingly when I told him they did. Fisher is a big believer in what good strong four-man lines can do for a football team. He saw that as a player on those great Chicago Bears teams in the mid-80s.