As you might be able to guess from the picture above, today the Yankees went through a series of pop up drills. They used a machine to fire baseballs into the sky, and the players had to call off their teammates and make the plays. Most of it was pretty routine — looked really fun, actually — and it was a chance to Derek Jeter to move around a little bit more. “He looked okay,” Joe Girardi said. “I didn’t want him running all over the place; want to be careful when he’s out there.” This early in camp, it’s hard to learn much from routine defensive drills. And hitters aren’t advanced enough to really show something against these pitchers (“You’re not used to the speed,” Eduardo Nunez said). So what’s stood out to Girardi roughly a week and a half into spring training? “There’s some power arms that we’re seeing,” Girardi said. “(Bryan) Mitchell. (Jose) Ramirez. Those are just a few. There’s a number of guys that you’re going to see throw, probably in spring training, 93 to 95. And maybe if they’re here a long time, you’re going to see higher than that. We haven’t had that (in recent years), and we have it right now. I know they’re young, but it’s kind of exciting.” I watched Ramirez throw batting practice today, and although I didn’t have any velocity readings — or see any guns on him — the ball just looks fast coming out of his hand. He’s not a very big guy, but that’s a huge arm. Girardi also singled out Corey Black as a guy who’s arm strength has been impressive.