The Golden State Warriors remain one of the hottest tickets in professional sports. In the midst of a four-year run that’s almost unparalleled in modern NBA history, the Warriors themselves are about to move from Oakland to a new waterfront arena in San Francisco here soon. The Chase Center is going to be a magnificent venue for the world-class organization. And with that come ticket prices that are almost too absurd to believe. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, long-time Warriors season tickets holders are in “sticker shock” over the prices of tickets for venue. “One $600 seat at Chase will cost $26,400 for the 2019-20 season, for 41 regular-season games and three preseason games, if you do the math,” the paper reports. “Along with the cost of those $600 premium seats, there is an additional $35,000, one-time per-seat, refundable “membership” fee, the team confirmed. It’s basically a loan that the Warriors will repay to season-ticket holders in 30 years, with no interest accrued.” So for premium season tickets at the venue set to open in time for the 2019-20 campaign, we’re looking at a $61,400 out of pocket cost. That’s all sorts of insane.