Mets LF Yoenis Cespedes comes into the new season hoping that he can stay healthy after a tumultous season last year. Plagued by injuries, Cespedes saw only 81 of the 162 games last season. The Mets rely on his power bat in the lineup, and just when they though he would stay on the field for a long stretch, he was back on the IR. This offseason, he decided to shake up his normal training regimen, and focus on durability. Running more and even yoga has allowed him to become more flexible, which he hopes will result in staying loose all season. "I did three things different. I ran. I did weight lifting, but not so heavy weight and also did yoga. So tried to be ready for this," Cespedes said through an interpreter. Yoga has already been a big difference maker for Cespedes, who said he just went to his first class this year. He couldn't even get through the first session as he said the workouts are hard for someone that isn't flexible. It is already paying dividends in Spring Training, though. Cespedes noted he came to camp in the past with lower back stiffness, but he doesn't feel it this time around, and thanks yoga for that. "So with yoga my muscles are more flexible right now," he said. "When I used to work out with heavy weightlifting, I was strong but I wasn't flexible. Right now I'm more flexible because of the yoga.