Hey sports fans: Does Jarvis Landry have a deal for you. For just 10 bucks, you can buy a Landry No. 14 T-shirt. A crisp Alexander Hamilton will nab you a snazzy Juice tank top, too. A gray Landry hat with aqua lettering? Marked down from $34.99 to $15. And the price for a two Landry wristbands? Just a dollar — a 90 percent discount off their normal price. In fact, every item for sale at shop.jarvislandry.com was deeply discounted Saturday. Landry has a personal merchandise line that is independent of NFL licensed gear, but most everything sold has a Dolphins flair. Landry said last summer that all proceeds from these sales go to charity. So what’s up with his fire sale? Is it simply a matter of out-with-the old-and-in-with-the-new? Or is it a sign of something more significant — that Landry and his people are trying to unload all his aqua and orange merch because he has played his final down in Miami?