Alex Rodriguez has reserved his right to hide behind press releases hoping against hope people will believe his relationship with Tony Bosch is as real as the girlfriend of Manti Te’o. The longer Rodriguez plays this role of the strong, silent type, the more suspicion percolates through suspicious minds. In the court of public opinion, silence is never golden. It is time for A-Rod to break the seal on his mouth. Do it on the Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network. The third baseman and his handlers should go to the geniuses running YES and arrange an interview during which Rodriguez can tell his side of the story, whatever that might be, to Yankees fans. They are his lifeline now and the only audience he should care about. It doesn’t matter who interviews him. It could be Michael Kay, Jack Curry or Bob Lorenz. If Rodriguez doesn’t want to do a one-on-one, he can opt to pull the curtain back slightly by going into the booth for a few innings early in the season, which would be a controlled environment talking baseball. Rodriguez doesn’t need the big “60 Minutes” moment. He’s been there before and burned himself. In 2007 he lied to Katie Couric, saying he never used steroids, HGH or any performance-enhancing drugs. YES is a totally different environment. Those watching it are more accepting. They come to consume Yankee baseball and Yankee propaganda. Included in that audience are plenty of A-Rod sympathizers. And there’s the rub. Judging by their recent actions and their own code of silence, it doesn’t look like A-Rod has many sympathizers at the upper levels of the Yankees management. They owe a player considered to be damaged goods $114 million over the next five years and would rather not pay up even though they authored the dopey contract. They also have to be concerned how much damage A-Rod’s alleged chemical caper has done, or could do, to the Yankees brand. The organization has already said Rodriguez is rehabbing his hip in New York. With all this animosity flowing, would the Yankee hierarchy allow YES to put Rodriguez on its air in what would be a certain ratings bonanza? Read more: