The Miami NewTimes News has a lengthy article about the Balco of Florida, Anthony Bosch's Anti-Aging Clinic. Among the star athletes (mostly from the University of Miami) that he treated, our very own Yasmani Grandal is included in the list. You either hate Yasmani now or you've forgiven him or maybe you've Meh'd the whole affair, but however you land, it's fascinating what people will do to get an edge. Anthony Bosch apparently kept extensive notes about all of his patients and Yasmani is featured regularly. Grandal is actually referred to as "Josmany" in the notes just in case you were clinging to any shred of hope that Grandal is actually innocent. In his notebook, Bosch says of Grandal: "Deliver April 4 (in person or by mail). He is in Tucson. Waiting for his call to see if he can drive to Phoenix. Payment will be made by his [illegible], $500 of expenses." (Tucson is about three hours from the Padres' spring training complex in Peoria, Arizona, where the team would have been holed up at the time.) On another page, beneath a phone number for "Josmany's girlfriend," is a lengthy regimen for morning and evening HGH injections, for "six days on and one day off," with testosterone and IGF-1 treatments as well. "Pink cream prior to game," he writes, later adding a troche with 15 to 20 percent testosterone "prior to game."