Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig brushed off a question about "playing with arrogance" Thursday, saying he plays the way he does for the fans. "I learned to play that way as a kid," said Puig, who drew the ire of several members of the Arizona Diamondbacks during a three-game series earlier this week. "I always like to play aggressive and always try to put on a show for the fans. They [the fans] come to spend their time and lose sleep watching us play. It is one, to me, of the more emotional things in baseball." Puig, who has been reticent to talk to the media since being called up to the majors on June 3, spoke to ESPN in Spanish during a live interview with anchor Max Bretos, who translated both his questions to Puig, and Puig's answers to the audience. Puig's interview came hours before he learned he wasn't voted onto the National League All-Star team in fan voting for the final spot, which went to Atlanta's Freddie Freeman. Puig had been the subject of much debate on whether a player with only 142 career at-bats in six weeks in the big leagues deserved an All-Star spot.