Former MLB outfielder Yasiel Puig implored MLB officials on Twitter on Saturday to better consider the needs of Latino players as the league and the MLBPA work on constructing a new collective bargaining agreement amid the current lockout. 

Puig discussed the difficult transition Latino players undergo when they come to the United States, saying in part:

"Latino players go through hardships for not educating ourselves from the beginning when we arrive in the U.S. We do not understand what is expected from us as public figures. Latino Players need to learn not just English, but we need to better understand American values and social norms, so that we can make better choices for our career and lives."

Puig defected from Cuba to the United States in 2012, when the Los Angeles Dodgers signed the superstar to a seven-year deal. He played in the Dodgers' minor league system in 2012 before getting the call to the big leagues in 2013.