The Yankees remained on track to acquire former All-Star outfielder Vernon Wells from the Angels on Monday, while hammering out the details with Los Angeles, according to people with knowledge of the situation. The people requested anonymity because the deal had not been finalized. Wells flew into Tampa on Monday night to take his physical, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. If all goes well, he is expected to join the Yankees for Tuesday night’s game with Baltimore. The Yankees are expected to pay about $13 million of the $42 million remaining on Wells’ salary through 2014. Most of that $13 million will be paid in 2013. In an unexpected wrinkle, the financial additions may not affect the team’s quest to reduce the payroll below $189 million for 2014, according a New York Daily News report. Wells is in the final stages of seven-year, $126 million contract. The average annual value is $18 million, which is the figure used for luxury tax purposes. But because the Angels could pay as much as $20 million of the $21 million owed Wells for 2014, the impact on the Yankees’ tax figure is negligible. The team could even receive a $2 million credit, the difference between the $18 million average figure and the $20 million being paid. The Yankees hope to use Wells as their left fielder while Curtis Granderson recuperates from his broken forearm. When Granderson returns, the team figures Wells still possesses some value facing left-handed pitching, especially with the Yankees’ left-handed-centric lineup.