The Cubs haven’t won a thing in 105 years and when it comes to Joe Girardi the Yanks intend to keep it that way. While reports surfaced Wednesday that ownership in Chicago believes the Yankee skipper is someone who could inject life and excitement into the moribund Cubs franchise and the disenchanted Wrigley faithful a source said the Yankees aren’t willing to even give them a chance to lure Girardi from them. Chicago which fired manager Dale Sveum on Monday is believed to be very interested in Girardi according to multiple sources. The Cubs are in the midst of a rebuilding process but according to a source the club believes hiring a big-name manager could help ease the minds of frustrated fans while also showing potential free agents that they’re serious about contending in the near future. GM Brian Cashman has declined to reveal whether the Cubs have asked for permission to speak with Girardi though a team source said it’s a moot point as the Yankees would not grant such a request while they try to hammer out a new deal to retain the manager. Girardi said last weekend that he would like to figure out his future sooner rather than later. That process continued Wednesday as Cashman and Girardi’s agent Steve Mandell had lunch in New York to discuss the manager’s future with the Yankees. Although Mandell did not return a call for comment and Cashman said Tuesday that he would not discuss the meeting a source said the two sides exchanged parameters of a new contract for Girardi whose three-year $9 million pact expires at the end of October. The general consensus is that Girardi will return with a new three-year deal sources estimate will be worth between $12 million and $15 million although he has other options to consider if he decides to look away from the Bronx. The Cubs appear to be most interested in prying the 48-year-old away. Girardi a product of nearby Peoria and a Northwestern grad was drafted by the Cubs in 1986 playing for Chicago from 1989-92 and again in 2000-02 after leaving the Yankees. But with the death of his father last year Girardi is left with little family in Chicago. “There’s not as much there as there used to be” Girardi said last weekend. The fact that his children are settled in New York-area schools could also play into Girardi’s ultimate decision. Cashman and Girardi met Monday over coffee after which the general manager set up Wednesday’s lunch meeting with Mandell. “I think he likes it here” Cashman said Tuesday. “I’m not speaking for Joe but I think if you’re good at what you do you’ll have opportunities to stay. He’s definitely going to have that. We’re going to give him a real good reason to stay.”