The New York Yankees are known to be in the market for rotation help ahead of the July 31st deadline. Conversely, the Detroit Tigers are said to be open for business on just about everyone -- including left-handed starter Matthew Boyd, who is in the midst of a breakout season. You needn't be an insider or a psychic to assume the two sides would talk deals at some point. And talk about Boyd they have, according to George A. King III of the New York Post.

There's just one catch: the Tigers asked for second baseman Gleyber Torres in return. Per King:

Nevertheless, Steinbrenner is more concerned about what acquiring a pitcher would cost in young talent. Already the Tigers asked for stud second baseman Gleyber Torres for lefty Matthew Boyd.

To some extent, a big ask is to be expected. There's enough time between now and the trade deadline for demands to shrink and middle ground to be discovered. At the moment, though, talks are in the stages where anchors are dropped and unrealistic asks are made. Hence Detroit requesting Torres -- knowing, in all likelihood, darn well there's no chance New York agrees.