Teixeira is hoping the injury is healed enough that he will be able to be a productive member of the Yankees' lineup in 2014 as the team seeks a playoff berth. New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira expects that he will continue to feel tightness in his wrist through at least June if not the full season, reports Daniel Babarisi of the Wall Street Journal. Teixeira has missed large chunks of time due to injury and illness over the last two years. In 2012 he suffered from congestion of the bronchi, wrist inflammation and a calf strain, resulting in him playing in just 123 games. When he was in the lineup, he hit just .251/.332/.475 with 24 home runs, the worst season of his career up to that point. In spring of 2013, Teixeira strained a wrist tendon while playing in the World Baseball Classic. He rejoined the Yankees at the end of May, but played in just 15 games before re-aggravating the injury and landing back on the DL. He had season ending wrist surgery at the beginning of July. Teixeira was told it would take about a year before he stopped feeling discomfort.