Aaron Boone joined the list of Yankees managerial candidates Friday when he interviewed for the job, but he’s the first of the four who are up for the job so far with no coaching or managing experience. And that could prove to be an issue — if not with general manager Brian Cashman, then at least with Hal Steinbrenner. Earlier this week at the GM Meetings in Orlando, Steinbrenner said that kind of lack of experience might be a drawback. At the time, the Yankees’ managing general partner was speaking about Alex Rodriguez, who is so far not up for the job to replace Joe Girardi, but Steinbrenner’s thoughts apply to Boone, as well. “My concern about a candidate like that just would be a lack of managerial experience, but even more important, coaching experiences of any kind,’’ Steinbrenner said Wednesday. “Presidential candidates normally are senators or governors. They’ve got some political experience in that arena to move in. Regardless of whether it was Alex or someone else, that would be a concern of mine. It might be less of a concern for [Cashman].” Boone, who played for the Yankees in 2003, has been a TV analyst since he retired as a player in 2009.