Robinson Cano denies ever using performance enhancing drugs or visiting Biogenesis, the shuttered anti-aging clinic in Miami which close friends Alex Rodriguez and Melky Cabrera have been linked to. Asked at the end of yesterday’s press conference at George M. Steinbrenner Field if he ever used PEDs or was in any way linked to Biogenesis, Cano skipped the first part and answered the second. “The first time I heard [about Biogenesis] was when the thing came out,’’ Cano said of the Miami New Times story that reported Rodriguez and Cabrera were linked to the clinic MLB is investigating. Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli and Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun have admitted visiting Biogenesis but say they didn’t purchase PEDs. Since Cano didn’t directly answer the first part of the question three reporters waited outside the facility and followed him toward the players’ parking lot. Asked if he ever used PEDs or if he ever visited Biogenesis, Cano answered “No’’ to each question. Since Cano is close to Rodriguez and Cabrera, some believe he is guilty by association. And last summer a North Carolina television station incorrectly reported Cano had tested positive for PEDs. The reporter later apologized.