And now for something completely different.

The New York Post’s Joel Sherman says the New York Yankees should trade for a shortstop before Friday’s 4 p.m. ET deadline. Here’s the kicker: he’s not talking about Colorado Rockies’ Trevor Story. Sherman thinks the Yankees should make a run at Washington Nationals’ Trea Turner.

Even after being pulled from a game (Tuesday) night with COVID, Trea Turner continues to draw interest and spoke to 2 execs today who think #Nationals trade him. My 2 cents: #Yankees should really push for him. Trevor Story is a very good player who will cost less in prospects because he is a free agent after this season. But Turner is just the kind of quick-twitch, high-batting average, doesn’t strikeout a lot player the NYY need. The control in 2022 should come at a price since Turner will have great value then too. It would allow the NYY to go defensively with LeMahieu at first and Torres at second, improving overall look. Wonder even with Voit on the IL would teams such as Milwaukee or Oakland still be interested in adding him (the A’s may be a no-go since the NYY are battling them for a playoff spot) or do the NYY get even bolder and trade either Torres (maybe he would have to be in a Turner deal) or Urshela (LeMahieu goes to third, Torres to second). Have been thinking for weeks if you were both teams would you build a trade around Urshela for Dominic Smith? #Mets would get 2-way 3b they crave, NYY get LHH 1b. Of course, regardless of what they say, I can’t imagine Mets/Yankees dealing with each other at this level with the inherent risk of it going bad. Just some 2 days before deadline thoughts.