There is usually but one bottom line on a game day: win or lose. So for the Yankees — maybe the bottom-line-est of all bottom-line operations — there was that. They won the game, 3-1. The foe was the Rays, and the Yankees have had a harder time figuring out the Rays lately than most of us trying to solve trigonometry.

There was that, too.

But then there was … well, that other thing.

That COVID thing.

And so once more it feels like the cops have arrived to bust up our keg party. We’ve been feeling good about this. Vaccination numbers are encouragingly up. Positive results are slowly on the decline.

Gum companies are making 2 ½-minute commercials now that absolutely destroy the internet, everyone is so happy thinking about frolicking outdoors and kissing the nearest stranger, hugging the nearest tree, as they do in that Wrigley’s Extra ad.

And then this news item hits late on a Tuesday afternoon: Phil Nevin, the Yanks’ third base coach, fully vaccinated, tests positive for COVID-19. Later, after the Yankees’ knocked off their nemesis, it is announced that first base coach Reggie Willits and a staff member also tested positive for COVID. And both of them were fully vaccinated, too.