Not everyone is comfortable with Russell Wilson moonlighting as a baseball player this offseason. Most important among those detractors are members of the Seattle Seahawks organization, who have done all they can to ensure their superstar quarterback stops short of actually playing in a game with the New York Yankees in spring training. Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, though, recently left open the possibility of Wilson getting an at-bat in an exhibition game. “I’m not opposed to that,” he told the New York Post’s George A. King III. One problem: Wilson isn’t in camp with the Yankees to help them win glorified scrimmages in Tampa, FL. Rather, the four-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion is spending time with New York to help foster a new culture within the clubhouse while scratching his baseball itch. There were never any plans for Wilson to play in an actual game for the Yankees, a stipulation of his offseason activity surely mandated by the Seahawks.