When baseball historians look back at the 2010s, they might refer to it as the lost decade of the Yankees’ storied past.

Another season ended in disappointment for New York on Saturday night, as the Astros finished off a six-game American League Championship Series with a 6-4 victory, sending the Yankees home for the offseason. The loss clinched a harsh reality for the Bronx Bombers, who finished this decade without a single World Series appearance, the first time that has happened since the 1910s.

General manager Brian Cashman and his lieutenants will now turn their full attention to the offseason, which has the potential to be a game-changer. If, of course, the Yanks choose to make it one.

The Yankees have been to the ALCS twice in the past three seasons, winning at least 100 games in each of the past two. No major shakeup is needed to get them to the next level, but make no mistake, there will be some urgency to get to the World Series next season after a couple of close calls since 2017.

When former manager Joe Girardi led the Yanks to the ALCS two years ago, it was a feel-good story. Cashman’s 2016 “rebuild” -- we use that term loosely, given that the team competed for an AL Wild Card spot late that season -- launched the start of the Baby Bombers regime, officially moving the franchise past the Core Four days.