It definitely looks like the Hal Steinbrenner–Joe Girardi relationship was less than ideal as the since-fired manager finished his 10th season with the New York Yankees. Steinbrenner spoke on Wednesday about his stance regarding Girardi’s ouster, a decision he agreed was the right one by Brian Cashman. Steinbrenner took it a step further, saying he may have made this decision even if the Yankees had won the World Series. Nevertheless, there won’t be any fissures in this organization’s power structure about Cashman’s decision to fire Girardi, who led the team to its most recent World Series championship. “I’m sure there would have been more pressure,” the owner said (via when asked if he would have fired Girardi in the event of a World Series title. “It would have been maybe a more difficult decision to make. But I would have made it because I felt like that was best for the organization moving forward.