The Yankees, looking to set themselves up in case star second baseman Robinson Cano signs elsewhere, have checked in with the Reds regarding Brandon Phillips and also asked about free agent second baseman Omar Infante. Phillips is said to be available in the right trade, but word is, the initial price is way to steep. Of course, that's the way the Yankees look at Cano's $300-million asking price, as well. Phillips batted .261 with 103 RBI for the Reds but is on the market after a couple incidents, one where he complained in a Cincinnati magazine article about how ownership handled his negoitations and another where he went ballistic on a Cincinnati Enquirer reporter after the reporter, Trent Rosecrans, formerly of, tweeted about Phillips' low on-base percentage. Phillips has $50 million and four years on that $72.5-million, six-year contract he signed despite what he suggested were rocky negotiations.