Johnny Damon’s intuition was right on the money. Despite the veteran’s obvious desire to come back to the Yankees to fill the 10-week void left by Curtis Granderson’s fractured right forearm, GM Brian Cashman said he had no plans to reach out to the 39-year-old. “It’s just not something we’re going to pursue,” Cashman said. “I love Johnny, a lot of leadership and everything else. But it’s just not going to fit our needs. It’s the same reason we didn’t bring him in last year. We need somebody who can play the outfield every day.” For 2012, the Yankees chose to sign Raul Ibanez over Damon and Hideki Matsui, believing neither of the former Yankees could play the outfield on a regular basis. In 2010, Damon saw a majority of his appearances as a DH with the Tigers, then served in that role 133 times in 2011 with the Rays. “That’s what he was towards the end with us,” Cashman said. “But he was a great Yankee, has a World Series ring to show for it, and it was a good marriage while we had it. Johnny’s great. Listen, I love Johnny Damon, and he was an awesome Yankee when we had him — but that was a while ago.” Damon told the Daily News on Monday that he would welcome a chance to put on the pinstripes again, although he didn’t anticipate it happening. “I don’t expect to hear from them,” Damon said. “If they call, if they want me, I’ll go. Cashman received a text message from Scott Boras regarding Damon on Monday night, but he informed the agent that he wasn’t interested. The Yankees are looking at in-house options, including Matt Diaz, Juan Rivera, Zoilo Almonte, Melky Mesa and Ronnier Mustelier to fill the left field job until Granderson returns in early May. Read more: