A year ago, after the Boston Red Sox pulled off a blockbuster trade for Chris Sale, New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman showed his admiration by dubbing them "the Golden State Warriors of baseball." It's time for Red Sox honcho Dave Dombrowski to repay the compliment by calling the Yankees, well, the Yankees. By taking advantage of a new Marlins ownership group -- fronted by Derek Jeter, no less -- that was desperate to move a player who had full control over where he could be traded, the Yankees agreed to a deal to obtain Giancarlo Stanton, the pre-eminent power hitter in the game. Stanton still has to approve the trade. If he does, he will join fellow goliath Aaron Judge to form the most fearsome slugging duo in decades and one that might prove worthy of even the Yankees' lineage. Ruth-Gehrig ... Mantle-Maris ... Judge-Stanton? "BP will be a must-watch," said one rival American League official. "Nice move by them." The Red Sox didn't get far in their pursuit of Stanton, largely because the recently crowned National League MVP wasn't willing to waive his no-trade clause for Boston. (Remember when the Red Sox were a destination for seemingly every player?) He wouldn't go to St. Louis or San Francisco, either, even though the Cardinals and Giants worked out deals to acquire him, leaving the Marlins with few options and enabling the Yankees to step through an open door. Nevertheless, Saturday must have been a rough day for Dombrowski, who saw his team's chief rival make a play for the very sort of player the power-starved Red Sox need. Without Stanton, the Yankees led the majors with 241 homers last season; the Sox hit 168, marking the first time they ranked last in the AL in homers since 1993. Stanton, Judge and Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez combined to hit 144 homers in 2017. Moreover, the Yankees still have a top-ranked farm system and might have maintained the payroll flexibility to play in next winter's free-agent bonanza that will feature Bryce Harper and Manny Machado.