Mark Teixeira began swinging a bat Thursday for the first time since reinjuring his calf on Sept. 8. The first baseman is looking to pick up the pace of his rehabilitation Monday when he heads down to the Yankees' training complex in Tampa. But Teixeira will not rush back this time, so he will not commit to any timetable for his return. "I don't want to put any timetable on it because we tried to do that last time and it kind of put unwanted pressure on everybody. We all wanted me to be back as soon as possible, and I wasn't ready," Teixeira said Thursday. "I'm just going to take it day by day, and when the doctors tell me that I'm clear, when the trainers tell me that I'm clear, when the strength coach and baseball people all say, 'You look normal, you're running fine' - then I'll be out there playing."