If he didn’t generate quite as much conversation as electronic sign-stealing at this week’s general managers’ meetings, Clint Frazier probably would appreciate that the topic of his name — his value on the trade market, specifically — doesn’t lack for anonymous takes.

Anonymous and if not quite unanimous, then consistently centering around a similar theme.

“Not where it was a year ago,” a high-ranking official from a non-pinstriped team said of Frazier’s value on the trade market. “I’d be surprised if he could be the centerpiece of a big trade, which could motivate them to keep him.”

For sure, Brian Cashman sounds in no hurry to unload Frazier, still only 25 and coming off a fascinatingly mixed bag of a 2019 season.

“Obviously he had some positives, some negatives,” the Yankees’ general manager told The Post on Wednesday at the meetings. “The positives really are he was a dynamic offensive force for us in the first half, especially with injuries. It helped allow that 103-win team to flow and survive.