It’s a quiet morning here. The Yankees are off today. Phil Hughes will pitch in a simulated game at 12 p.m. Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera will then appear in a minor-league game. Manager Joe Girardi indicated Francisco Cervelli would be on the scene to catch. Which reminds me ... Russell Martin had some nice things to say about Cervelli on Sunday morning. In years past, he saw the same things Girardi saw: Cervelli was rushing too often behind the plate. “The thing with Cervelli that I noticed is he just tried to be quicker than he needed to be,” Martin said. “I think maybe he’s a lot more under control. I mean, I haven’t seen him. But that’s all it was. He tried to be so quick. He didn’t really need to be. “He’s got a great arm. He’s got great actions behind the plate. He’s really good. He’d just get in his own way, just by trying to be too quick, and playing like he had his hair on fire sometimes.” Which reminds me of something else. Cervelli hit a homer the other day. This does not happen often. “We’ll have to wait maybe 300 at-bats to hit another one,” Cervelli cracked afterward. Hitters usually understand their role. Brett Gardner knows he needs to get on base. Mark Teixeira knows he needs to drive in runs. So for a player like Cervelli, what exactly is his offensive role?