You'll recall the recent story of 25-year-old Matt Fortese. To recap, Fortese and his date attended a Nationals-Orioles game at Camden Yards last week. It is alleged that two other fans in attendance, Gregory Fleischman and Gregory Bell, began heckling Fortese for wearing a Yankees cap. Eventually (and, again, allegedly) one of the two men threw a beer on Fortese and his date, and Fortese confronted them both. According to police, Fleischman then punched Fortese in the head, and Fortese tumbled over a railing and onto the concrete five feet below. The police report says Fortese suffered a skull fracture and head trauma. Fleischman and Bell were both arrested and charged in the attack. Fortese was listed in serious condition in the days following the incident. Now, though, NBC Washington reports that Fortese has taken a turn for the worse at the University of Maryland Medical Center, as a hospital spokesperson said he's been downgraded to critical.