Last year, Yan Gomes went to spring training wondering how he’d fit on his new team. This year, he goes to camp with the same team knowing that if everything stays on course he will be the Indians’ starting catcher when they open the season against Oakland on March 31. “I’m not taking it like I have a roster spot,” said Gomes, on Friday in preparation for Tribe Fest. “I’m still taking it like I’m earning a spot. I’m still trying to earn the respect of the fans, the media, whatever it is. “I’m going to come in the same way I came in last year ... working hard and preparing for the year.” Gomes started 2013 at Class AAA Columbus. He was the staring catcher by August, pushing Carlos Santana to a steady diet of first base and DH. This winter Santana is concentrating on third base in the Dominican Republic. Last year, Gomes caught 85 games and Santana 84. This summer Gomes’ workload could increase to between 120 and 130 games.